You have to know how to buy Hand wrenching hoist

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    Many people know about cranes, but few know that hoisting is the main lifting part of cranes. Although there are wrench hoist, manual hoist and electric hoist on the market, but according to the relev

    Maintenance method of electric hoist steel wire rope

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    Maintenance method of electric hoist steel wire rope:The edge of the electric hoist can not be cracked or notched.The wire rope should not be rubbed with other objects in motion, and should not be dra

    Introduction to the working principle of hand hoist

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    When lifting heavy objects, the hand zipper makes the key wheel rotate clockwise, and the sprocket moves inward along the thread on the disk sleeve. The ratchet wheel and the friction disc are pressed

    Precautions for using hand hoist in typhoon weather

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    In some areas, strong typhoons occasionally strike suddenly. In some cases, the typhoon will be forced to use electric/hand hoist. In order to prevent its sudden attack on the use of hoist damage or e

    The use of magnetic suspension

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    The use of magnetic suspension is very simple, so long as you read the instructions, you can operate:Usage of magnetic crane1. when lifting, the surface of the lifting workpiece should be cleaned firs

    The quality of permanent magnet hoist depends on the following aspects

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    Permanent magnet hoist, also known as "magnetic crane" or "permanent magnet chuck" is a simple, energy-saving, safe use of steel plate, profile hoisting equipment;Permanent magnet