The quality of permanent magnet hoist depends on the following aspects

2018-10-19 22:08:30 admin 157

Permanent magnet hoist, also known as "magnetic crane" or "permanent magnet chuck" is a simple, energy-saving, safe use of steel plate, profile hoisting equipment;

Permanent magnet hoist is divided into ferrite type and rubidium-iron-boron type according to magnetic source material; manual type, semi-automatic type and automatic type according to unloading mode; magnetic short-circuit type (manual, mechanical, electric) and mechanical forced jacking type according to unloading mechanism.

The quality of permanent magnet hoist mainly depends on the following aspects:

1. The maximum suction capacity of the design safety factor of the permanent magnet hoist: According to the national or foreign standards, the maximum suction of the permanent magnet hoist should be 1.5-2.5 times the nominal rated value, that is, the nominal 1t should be able to suck up 1.5-2.5t ingots;

2. Another index of the design safety factor is the pull-out force: refers to the force needed to pull the object off when it is sucked up and stabilized, the pull-out force should be 2-3 times the weight of the absorbed object (minimum and maximum pull-out force).

3. Type of magnetic material: the magnetic field strength of ferrite is weaker than that of rubidium iron boron, and the suction of the absorber with rubidium iron boron is stronger than that with ferrite, the price difference between them is more than three times.

4. Magnetic material quality: also ferrite, or rubidium iron boron, but the material has a big gap, such as poor material, poor suction, magnetic decay faster, very short service life, some life only 1-3 years, suction on the big discount price is much lower than good material;

5. The smoothness of the bottom of the permanent magnet hoist, i.e. the contact surface, is also an important aspect to ensure the suction and safety.

6. Unloading mechanism: A good unloading mechanism can not only ensure easy and reliable unloading, but also ensure a stable suction of objects, but also ensure a higher operational efficiency, otherwise a bad unloading mechanism will affect the suction, it is difficult to unload, low operational efficiency. The quality of the unloading mechanism is closely related to the design structure, machining accuracy and material quality of the key components.

The selection of permanent magnet hoist should not only depend on the price, but also on the magnetic material, material, structure, maximum suction, safety factor and other indicators.