The use of magnetic suspension

2018-10-19 22:18:58 admin 136

The use of magnetic suspension is very simple, so long as you read the instructions, you can operate:

Usage of magnetic crane

1. when lifting, the surface of the lifting workpiece should be cleaned first. Rust and prickle should be cleaned. The center line of the sucker should best coincide with the center line of gravity. Then the sucker is placed on the workpiece plane. The rotary handle is rotated from the position of'-'to the direction of'+' to the limit pin to check whether the safety inclined block of the handle is locked automatically and then hoisted.

2. When the workpiece is hoisted, it is forbidden to overload the workpiece. It is forbidden to pass under the workpiece. The temperature and environment of the hoisted workpiece are not more than 80 degrees Celsius, and there is no violent vibration and impact.

3. When lifting a cylindrical workpiece, the V-groove should be kept in contact with the workpiece in two straight lines, so its lifting gravity is only 30%-50% of the rated lifting gravity.

4. after completing the lifting operation, press the handle button inside, so that the security and safety pins on the handle are separated. The handle rotates from "+" to "-" to the limit pin. The sucker is closed and the workpiece is separated from the suction cup.