Precautions for using hand hoist in typhoon weather

2018-10-19 22:20:35 admin 127

In some areas, strong typhoons occasionally strike suddenly. In some cases, the typhoon will be forced to use electric/hand hoist. In order to prevent its sudden attack on the use of hoist damage or even safety accidents, we have made a series of protective measures.

1. The power supply will be extremely unstable during the typhoon. In order to avoid serious damage to the whole equipment, we must install leakage protection device on the hoist.

2, distinguish the level of safety protection of gourd, ensure that it can be used safely.

3. Before normal use, a static load test should be carried out with a rated load of 125% and a lift of about 100 mm from the ground for 10 minutes to check whether it is normal.

4, strictly abide by the rules of electric / hand hoist.

However, for the sake of safety, I would like to remind you not to use gourds until the typhoon.