Maintenance method of electric hoist steel wire rope

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Maintenance method of electric hoist steel wire rope:

The edge of the electric hoist can not be cracked or notched.

The wire rope should not be rubbed with other objects in motion, and should not be dragged obliquely with the edge of the steel, so as to avoid the edges and corners of the steel plate cutting the wire rope, directly affecting the service life of the wire rope.

When using wire ropes on objects at high temperatures, insulation measures must be taken because the strength of the wire ropes will be greatly reduced when exposed to high temperatures.

Electric hoist in the use of the process must always check the strength of its wire rope, generally at least six months must be a comprehensive inspection or strength test.

Strictly prohibit the use of overload in the course of use, should not be subject to impact, in the binding or lifting of supplies, pay attention not to wire rope directly contact with the object's sharp edges, in their contact to be padded with wooden plates, canvas, sacks or other cushions to prevent the object's sharp edges damage wire rope and equipment. And life accidents.

Electric hoist in the use of the process, if the length is not enough, it must be used to unload the connection, strictly prohibit the use of wire rope to wear thin wire rope method of jointing and lifting objects, in order to avoid the resulting shear force.

After using electric hoist for a period of time, the wire rope must be lubricated. On the one hand, the wire rope can be prevented from rusting. On the other hand, during using the wire rope, the sliding friction between the wire and the wire in the same strand between the sub-ropes per share will occur, especially when the wire rope is subjected to bending force. With the addition of lubricating oil, the friction can be reduced.

When the wire rope is stored, the dirt on the wire rope should be cleaned, lubricated, coiled, stored in a dry place, padded with wooden plate or sleeper under the wire rope, and inspected regularly.

In the course of using the wire rope, special attention should be paid to prevent the wire rope from contacting with the electric welding line. The wire rope will be damaged after touching the electricity, which will affect the smooth operation of the work.

Attention should be paid to check whether there is any fracture and damage and whether it is used or need to replace the new rope to ensure safety.

Scrap criteria for electric hoist wire rope:

Electric hoist rope wear, diameter decreases, if the diameter of the wire rope exceeds 40%, it should be scrapped.

In the process of using electric hoist wire rope, the whole strand of wire rope will break or the core of wire rope will be extruded, resulting in structural damage. At this time, the wire rope should be scrapped.

It should be scrapped when the broken wire reaches 7-8 points within a pitch.

Wire ropes for transportation or hoisting of metallic solutions, hot materials, acidic, inflammable and toxic materials, which have been corroded by chemical media, shall be scrapped.

The overloaded wire rope can not be used any more. When the appearance of the wire rope is seriously deformed, the structure is destroyed, the core of the rope is extruded or has obvious shrinkage, the phenomenon of pile-up should be scrapped.